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Ace Digital Classroom Learning is designed to remove any physical limitations and enable students to learn from anywhere at any time.

Introduction of Digital Classroom gives students access to all lecture recordings, where students can attend live lectures remotely as well as revise any particular topic by watching the lecture recordings.

Topic-wise and full-syllabus test are available for students to test their knowledge and get evaluated immediately, followed by online session where students can clarify their doubts. Since this form of learning is more interactive and engaging, it would help the students to connect better with the learning material and memorise faster.

1. E module:

Get full access to study material online.

2. E-assignments

Topic-wise assignments will be available for students to strengthen their concepts.

3. Online Tests

Online full syllabus JEE Main/Advance, NEET (UG) level tests will be held periodically enabling students improve retention of information. Solutions will be provided immediately after test to help students assess their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Ask an expert

Avail 24x7 online support system, where students can post their doubts and solution will be provided within 24 hours.

5. Schedule

Topics will be covered as per a fixed schedule which would be divided in four phases. This would include teaching a topic thoroughly and mastering by doing assignments followed by a test. Analysis of test will be discussed with both student and parents.

6. Calendar

All activities including quiz, tests, holidays etc will be provided in the academic calendar.

7. Support

Students can avail additional assistance as per their requirement to revise any topic they missed or are unclear about.

8. Motivational Workshop

Motivational workshops will be conducted to help students release their stress and increase their inner strength.

9. Counselling

We will provide career counselling, awareness about different career opportunities along with insight from Ace students studying in IIT, AIIMS and NEET who will share their experience, methodologies and studying techniques.